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Management team

With power and vision into the future

We have followed the same principles since the company's foundation in 1961: Power and Vision!

Power is the curiosity to explore something new. Power is focussed determination and imagination; power is implementing findings quickly and in a customer-centric manner.

This power can only succeed with a visionary, courageous entrepreneurial spirit, a dynamic management team, and 10,000 motivated employees from more than 100 different nations.

For a successful future

With great commitment and enthusiasm, we work towards superior knowledge, progress, continuous growth and hence a successful future.

Our shared goal was and still is to surprise customers with solutions that surpass everything they have ever dreamed of. Both then and now!

This is our firm belief (from left to right): Dr. Guido Stannek (President Supply Chain Management), Michael Weiher (President Technology), Dr. Thomas Steffen (President R&D, Quality Management and Service), Friedhelm Loh (owner and CEO), Karl-Christoph Caselitz (Chief of Customer Operations), Hermann Tetzner (CFO)

Take us at our word.

Corporate success is measurable:

Facts and figures